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Pamela Shearer

Pamela Shearer

Scottsdale, AZ


There are patterns everywhere I look, in an animal’s fur, in flower
petals, even in the ceramic floor of a kitchen.

I want to capture and experience every one.
So… I paint, sometime with intricate detail of pattern, sometimes focusing on
color, but always with my re-found eyes.

As a child and as a student, I always drew and doodled. Starting with designing fashion for my paper dolls and writing story books, to majoring in art in college and completing the
Famous Artist Schools through correspondence, I always had some creative success.

Everything I painted in college was sold or given away and as a young mother, I turned to sewing, crafting and creating with my
children. Now my children are grown, I am retired from a teaching career and I have begun to paint again.

When I paint I see joy in every detail and color in everything; colors I took for granted for years I see again. I had
forgotten the difference between a “sap green” and “viridian”. The only time I considered them was when I lived in Costa Rica. One MUST consider the color green when in a rain forest. I could never have imagined there could be so many variations
of green if I had not seen it for myself. Now I want to paint them all.

Watercolor is my favorite medium for now as I love to see what it will give to me. I try to apply the paint to the water, allowing
the free flow of color to surprise me with its beautiful effects. The water always seems to be in charge. I may use a brush, sponge, pen or cottage cheese container lid but when the day is done, the water has done most of the creation.

Many of my paintings lately are rich with burnt sienna or yellow. Maybe they are a reflection of my surroundings in the warm Arizona
sun. When I am by the sea, cool blues and greens emerge.

Once in a while I will paint with oil. I prefer old fashioned linseed oil and turpentine to the more modern products because the smell of oil and turpentine takes me back in history. (Maybe another life time?) At that time I “feel” like I have always been a painter.

One of my favorite things to do is complete a painting, step back, look at the light fall onto my subject and then remove the
paint from the paper where the light brings life into an eye, onto a shell or a flower petal. I think I spend as much time removing paint as applying it. Most watercolorists leave a great deal of white paper in their work. I try to, but always seem to see and put color in every spot, so end up removing a layer to get back close to whiteness; this is good because white is never quite pure; it is made of color.

People need art to enrich their lives; there are things we can hang on our walls that create peace or joy or contemplation. My
paintings are gentle and joyful, bringing smiles to people. I love to see someone notice the detail and step closer to look
carefully at the tiny strokes and color changes. That detail can serve as a Mandela when we stop to really look.

Most of my work comes from photos I take as I travel and explore on vacations. At those times I relax and take the time to really enjoy my surroundings; I want to capture and share them. I paint landscapes, flowers, animals, old buildings and water. I do love water. And I do love to paint.

My new focus is painting vacation memory pictures for people from their travel pictures or pets. You may send me, on line, a
photograph or image you have taken and I can create a beautiful painting for your home or office. Check out "Morning in the
Hamptons" and "Four Corners" on the "Custom Paintings" page for examples. Please email Pamela at
for questions and requests.


Poppies in Light III by Pamela Shearer


Poppies in Light by Pamela Shearer


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New Upload by Pamela Shearer


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Poppies by Pamela Shearer


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Turn Toward the Sun by Pamela Shearer


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